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The first thing we came up with for Cappadocia is that we think we're on another planet. You are mistaken if you think that it is only a small area. In the simplest we just walked us close to 10 kem for CAPPADOCIA TOUR day. But I tell you that when you lift your head many balloons fly in the sky. There were hundreds of balloons on your head . There were also those decorated with different colors and Turkish flag. Our tour guide Ender Bey said that he reached 250 meters in the evening. We celebrated with champagne after the tour, we even got the professional balloon flight document and shared it on the social media and got lots of acclaim. We went to Cappadocia open air museum after a balloon tour without any accident. Here There were a large number of Periwinkles. There, people used their lives and some of them used as churches.  Especially the ones here are adorned with orthodox churches and paintings of mosques of Mary and Jesus and mosaics.


Pigeon and Devcrent valley are very popular destinations. But with priority we went to Ihlara valley with our tour guide Ender bey. Believe it or not, there are a lot of stairs. Going back over 200 stairs is another question and we have created a fear. In the middle there was a river flowing and valley on the right and left. There are especially willow trees in the stream. Several places in the river are made of stone and bridges made of wood. There were a lot of caves here in Tasbi. A lot of people used it as a living space here. There were churches, some of which were places of worship in need. On the riverside there were nice picnic areas. Here, after having milk filtered coffee at the river, we also offered apple tea. Our tour guide explained very detailed information about the underground cities of Demirkazı and derinkuyu. In underground cities, people have continued their lives with only bread, water and wine.



During our journey, we strolled through beautiful destinations and also decided to write our own custom blog after the trip to Cappadocia, and I published many pictures and photos I took during Cappadocia tours and got a lot of social book Face book Like. I will try to explain our journey from head to tail. Believe it most during this trip I was very impressed with Cappadocia balloon wanderer and I was very nervous. The Cappadocia balloon was too high on the ground. Some of the pictures I posted here were taken here, and they gave us the BAlon flight document as a success. It is a very nice behavior to celebrate with champagne after the tour of Baltoon. As you can see in the pictures, so many colorful balloons were flying. Alone this cappadoci balloon is made early in the morning for flight. We did this trip in the accompaniment of our tour guide. There is only one reason why it is done early in the morning, so the required temperature is the temperature and wind, but the balloon is flying.


During this trip, our second trip is at the open-air museum where there are numerous valleys, and even here, NApollyon There were very beautiful fairy chests resembling. Devrent and Ihlara valley is the most popular place in the area, after seeing it is the last We had the opportunity to watch the flight of special birds. People here pigeon bird with professional photo machines They were taking pictures. Christianity spread to Anatolia after this land spread. There are so many cave churches There. A cave church was built in accordance with the needs of the people. If CAVE is a church house, it is cool in summer and hot in winter There is a natural ventilation system. Cave church is a very special Jesus prophet and MAry paintings, religion There were mosaics with motifs, The surprising thing is that there is no distortion of these paintings and mosaics There is no color change. The reason for this is our tour guide Ender Bey said that all paintings and mosaics done here are root painted. We attended CAppadocia 3 days tour and our guide was very polite and kind who would like to thank you very much.

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